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Monster mask

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 89
Price 5–10 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Category Clothing


This articulated mask resembles a specific type of humanoid monster, such as a bugbear, goblin, orc, or hobgoblin. The mouth opens and closes when you move your jaw and its skin is actually carefully-painted cloth. Though such masks are usually intended for theater performances where an actor plays the role of a monster, adventurers have been known to use them to help blend in with monsters of the appropriate type. The mask negates the –2 Disguise DC for disguising yourself as a different race, but only at a distance of at least 20 feet or when you have concealment; closer than this distance or in clearer circumstances, the mask is obviously a false representation. It only covers your face and is normally worn with a wig or helmet to disguise or cover the rest of your head. Each mask is most suitable for a wearer of a particular size, though some size and monster combinations are less believable than others (a Small creature in an orc mask may be able to pass as an orc child, but a Medium creature in a goblin mask at best looks like a deformed hobgoblin).