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Monster bait

Source Monster Hunter's Handbook pg. 26
Price 60 gp; Weight
Category Adventuring Gear


This morsel of food contains special spices that make it particularly enticing to a certain creature type. A creature whose type matches the bait’s must attempt a DC 12 Will save every minute it remains within 30 feet of the bait; if it fails, it takes a –2 penalty on Wisdom-based skill checks while within the area and for 1d4 minutes afterward. The creature can end this penalty by consuming the bait as a standard action. Additionally, monster bait can be used as an additional spell component for the following spells to modify the spell’s effects.

Beguiling giftAPG: Increase the save DC by 2 against targets of the bait’s associated creature type

Charm monster: Increase the save DC by 1 against targets of the bait’s associated creature type.

Daze monster: Increase the maximum HD of the spell by 3 if the target’s type matches the bait’s associated creature type.