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Mishan's melodious feather

Source Lost Treasures pg. 43
Price 2,500 gp; Weight
Category Black Market


This white sea-bird feather is millennia old and coated with a thin, resinous substance that has rendered the feather as rigid as steel. When the feather is rubbed or struck, its barbs jangle against each other, emitting a curious polytonal hum like that of several tuning forks. The feather is firmly affixed to a jeweled turban pin.

The shaft of the feather is covered with tiny Kelish script. If read—a difficult task without magnification due to the miniscule writing—the text reveals the history of the lands of Qadira before and during the establishment of the Keleshite satrapy at the end of the Age of Destiny. This acts as a library on the history of Qadira. A character with access to the feather can attempt Knowledge (history) checks about Qadira that have a DC higher than 10, even if untrained in the skill. Characters trained in Knowledge (history) can attempt a second check after studying the feather for an hour if they fail a Knowledge (history) check on such subjects.