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Mimic fibers

Source Alchemy Manual pg. 11
Price 30 gp; Weight
Category Alchemical Tools


These alchemically prepared fungal spores are suspended in a thick green ichor. They grow in patterns that match any plant or fungal material they touch, even dead wood, causing any cuts or breaks in the matter to mend as if it had never been damaged. When applied as a full-round action, mimic fibers heal 1d10+10 points of damage to one object made of wood, paper, earth, or other living or onceliving material. Even a destroyed item can be repaired (treat as if at 0 hit points) as long as the item is in no more than two pieces and is held together at the break as the spores are applied.

Alchemical Recipe

Recipe (6 magnesium + 6 cytillesh spores)/filtration; Craft 20
Time 10 minutes; Tools filter; Type alchemical tool