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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 154
Price 600 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 25; Yield 1d4 doses (5 lbs. per dose)
Terrain any forests or mountains
Preparation A living mimameith tree has hardness 7 (rather than the typical hardness 5 for most wooden objects) and fire resistance 5. When a mimameith tree is burned but lives, its bark regrows over time with pale gray scarring—such bark bears special properties. Once harvested, this bark can be processed alchemically. Doing so requires a 5-pound dose of the bark to be soaked in water for 8 hours and then boiled off to a thin layer of tacky paste with a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check.
Use When a dose of the pasty residue from mimameith bark is applied to a creature’s skin as a standard action, the subject gains damage reduction 2/bludgeoning, fire resistance 5, and immunity to bleed effects for 1 hour.


The bark of this wide-trunked but relatively squat tree is resistant to cutting and fire.