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Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 99, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 159
Price 2 cp per mile; Weight
Category Lodging/Services


A messenger carries a written or verbal message to its intended target. Verbal messages must be short enough for the messenger to memorize (typically about 25 words). A few messengers have exceptional memories and charge 5 sp to relay a verbal message of up to 300 words. Most messengers are only willing to travel to locations within the current city or outlying areas. You can pay a messenger the return fee if you want her to wait for the message recipient to reply, just in case the recipient is too miserly or poor to pay for a return message. Depending on the location and the overall wealth in a settlement, a messenger may be a runner or ride a horse. If you can find someone already traveling to a place, she may only charge you half as much to carry your message.