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Merfolk's Comb

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 154
Price 750 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 25; Yield 1 dose
Terrain any underwater
Preparation A single dose of merfolk’s comb must be allowed to dry over a period of 7 days while being rubbed with alchemical oils once daily to prevent the herb from losing its properties during the process. This requires seven separate successful DC 14 Craft (alchemy) checks, one every 24 hours during this week. If even one of those checks is a failure, the dose of merfolk’s comb is ruined.
Use Anyone who eats a dose of merfolk’s comb gains the ability to breathe water as well as air for 8 hours.


This vibrant yellow and pale-green variety of seaweed has wide fronds with lines of narrow fringe along the upper edge.