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Source Merchant's Manifest pg. 6
Price 5 gp; Weight
Category Food/Drink


Honey collectors harvest the immense combs created by the giant bees in the foothills of Pol-Ptirmeios. Local confectioners ferment this honey for several weeks before mixing it with flour and spices and cutting it into chewy cubes. Once reserved for hero-gods to enhance their longevity, mekainae is now served as a rare treat on important anniversaries and birthdays. Eating a serving of mekainae limits the reduction in a creature’s current and total hit points to only 3 for each negative level it has (instead of the normal 5-point reduction in current and total hit points); other penalties imposed by negative levels remain unchanged Additionally, you gain a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws to remove negative levels. Both effects last 24 hours. The price listed is for a single serving of mekainae.