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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 154
Price 150 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 20; Yield 1 dose
Terrain any forests
Preparation A dose of this flower’s nectar must be extracted and stored in an alchemically prepared vial with a successful DC 14 Craft (alchemy) check and 1 hour’s worth of work.
Use As a full-round action, a dose of love-in-idleness nectar can be drizzled into the ears of a helpless or willing animal or humanoid. This causes the subject to become much more susceptible to the power of suggestion and mind-affecting effects, taking a –2 penalty on Sense Motive checks and a –1 penalty on saving throws against mind-affecting effects for the next 2d4 hours. This is a poison effect.


The deep-red flower has rich nectar with a honey-like scent.