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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 154, Heroes of the Wild pg. 10
Price 3 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 16; Yield 1d4 doses
Terrain warm forests or swamps
Preparation Properly preparing leechwort for use is a timeconsuming process that takes 1 week, as fibers of the shrub must be dried and ground until they achieve a fine, powdery texture. A single herbalist can prepare up to a dozen doses simultaneously in this manner. At the end of the week, a successful DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check results in all of the doses being ready for use; failure indicates that all the doses have spoiled.
Use When a dose of prepared leechwort is used in conjunction with a Heal check to stabilize a dying creature, provide longterm care, treat wounds from caltrops (or similar effects), or treat deadly wounds, it grants a +1 alchemical bonus on the Heal check. This increases to a +2 alchemical bonus on Heal checks to staunch bleeding.


When dried and ground into a powder, the mottled red-andgray bark of this shrub is a boon to healers.