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Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 99, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 159
Price 3 sp per day (trained), 1 sp per day (untrained); Weight — (trained), — (untrained)


This listing is for any other sort of typical employment not covered by another service or job in this section. An untrained hireling is a crier, laborer, maid, mourner, porter, or other menial worker. A trained hireling is a mason, mercenary warrior, carpenter, blacksmith, cook, scribe, painter, teamster, and so on. The listed price represents a minimum wage for an adequately skilled worker, and an expert hireling usually requires significantly higher pay. The listed price is a day’s wages (generally 7–10 hours of work per day).

Typical equipment for a guard or mercenary warrior is studded leather armor and a club, shortsword, or shortspear. Most guards are off-duty soldiers or city watchmen, though some are unskilled laborers with a talent for fighting.