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Firework (starfountain)

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 107, Adventurer's Armory pg. 19
Price 500 gp; Weight 100 lbs.
Category Alchemical Weapons


This tree stump-sized bundle of tubes immediately begins to emit arcs of multi-colored sparks when lit. Starting 1d6 rounds after lighting, it loudly releases brightly colored streaks of tiny flaming particles for 4 rounds. Outdoors, these particles soar far up into the sky before dispersing. Indoors or in a closed area, the ricocheting fireworks deal 1d6 points of fire damage each round in a 20-foot-radius spread (Reflex DC 15 halves). Creatures who fail their save are blinded for 1d4 rounds and deafened for 1 hour. Crafting this item is a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.


Craft (Alchemy) DC 25