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Fairy Cap

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 153
Price 250 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 20; Yield 1 dose
Terrain anywhere near ley lines
Preparation A fairy cap must be gently simmered (not boiled) in a mixture of water and other natural ingredients for 1 hour; this requires a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check. At the end of this preparation time, the yellow spots’ color changes to bright orange or dark brown—there’s a 50% chance of either development.
Use When eaten without proper preparation, a fairy cap is mildly poisonous (save Fort DC 13, onset 1 minute, frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes, effect nauseated for 1 minute, cure 1 save), but when properly prepared, it takes on a notunpleasant tangy flavor. The final color of a properly prepared fairy cap’s spots determines its effect when consumed. A cap with orange spots causes a Large or smaller creature to grow one size category, while one with brown spots causes the eater to shrink one size category. These effects function as per enlarge person or reduce person, except they can affect any Large or smaller living creature; the effects persist for 10 minutes in either case. Whether or not it is prepared, a fairy cap is quite chewy, and eating it is a full-round action.


This toadstool’s pale-gray cap is stippled with yellow spots. Its presence often indicates ley lines or fey bowers nearby.