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Commissioned broadsheet

Source Merchant's Manifest pg. 5
Price 150 gp (print run (500 broadsheets)), 50 gp (setup and proof print); Weight — (print run (500 broadsheets)), — (setup and proof print)


It takes 2 to 4 weeks for printers reproducing large images or those who have only engraved-plate printing presses to prepare the plate for a commissioned broadsheet. Printers with movable-type printing presses can prepare a text-only broadsheet in as little as 4 hours. Once the setup is complete (which includes a proof print), the printer can produce up to 500 copies of the broadsheet daily (about 60 per hour). A commissioned broadsheet can be used to spread a rumor requiring the author to attempt any necessary skill checks. The author takes a –8 penalty on these checks because the broadsheet cannot provide vocal or nonverbal cues, but if he’s successful, spreading the rumor takes only 1d4 days (or 1 day, if smaller than a small town). If the broadsheets are delivered by trained criers or others attempting to spread the rumor, use the propaganda check result of either the author or the crier (whichever is higher) with a +2 bonus.