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Caravan master's wagon

Source Villain Codex pg. 116
Price 1,000 gp; Price of Passage (per mile)
Category Transport, Land


The caravan master’s wagon is similar in most respects to a high-quality heavy smuggler’s wagon (see below), but it additionally allows for a hidden portable hole (price not included above) secreted within in it. The portable hole rests upon the surface of the wagon bed, with a second layer of wooden planks laid atop it and fastened into place with nuts and bolts so they appear to be a normal part of the wagon. Thus the portable hole sits between the layers of wood like a thin cut of meat between two slices of bread. Those who know about the portable hole can fill it with illicit goods and then fasten the second layer of decking in place and load normal cargo atop it. The wagon weighs no more than it should. This setup allows for the transport of live cargo (rendered suitably silent or unconscious, if necessary), as the planks atop the opening of the portable hole are spaced just far enough apart to allow in breathable air, if the smugglers leave the hole open and attached. Unless someone knows what to look for, a successful DC 30 Perception check is necessary to discover the hidden second layer.