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Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 81, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 185, Adventurer's Armory pg. 19
Price 10 gp (Diminutive or Fine), 60 gp (Huge), 30 gp (Large), 15 gp (Small or Medium), 2 gp (Tiny); Weight 2 lbs. (Diminutive or Fine), 960 lbs. (Huge), 240 lbs. (Large), 60 lbs. (Small or Medium), 5 lbs. (Tiny)


This secure, portable enclosure is used to hold creatures— generally animals, but a large enough cage can hold anything. Cages are made from iron, wood, or bamboo, depending on local customs and available materials. One cage holds one animal of that size, or five animals of a smaller size. The weight of the creature adds to the weight of the cage. Cages come in the following sizes: Diminutive or Fine, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. Cages for aquatic creatures cost twice as much, and weigh four times the normal weight when filled with water.