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Burglar's torc

Source Dirty Tactics Toolbox pg. 20
Price 2,102 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
Category Black Market


Appearing as a heavy, elaborate neckpiece while worn, a burglar’s torc can be removed and disassembled into its component parts in 4 minutes (or in 1 minute if the user is trained in the Disable Device skill). When dismantled, a burglar’s torc contains parts that function as a set of mithral masterwork thieves’ tools, 10 feet of silk rope, and a mithral grappling hook. Reassembling the torc takes 8 minutes (or 4 minutes if the user is trained in the Disable Device skill). An observer must succeed at a DC 30 Perception check to recognize an assembled burglar’s torc for what it is; if the observer handles the torc, the DC for this check decreases to 15.