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Branding iron

Source Adventurer's Guide pg. 96, Path of the Hellknight pg. 63
Price 2 gp (common), 10 gp (custom shape); Weight 5 lbs. (common), 5 lbs. (custom shape)


This length of bare metal is 2 to 4 feet long. One end serves as a handle, while the other forms a simple shape, such as a square or circle. Branding irons with ends that form complex symbols, such as the symbol of a Hellknight order, are much more expensive.

If the branding iron is heated in an open fire for 10 minutes or more, it becomes red hot. If it is pressed against wood, leather, skin, or another surface capable of being scorched, it deals 1 point of fire damage, leaving behind a burn mark that becomes a mundane scar of the branding iron’s symbol. A willing or helpless creature can be marked with a hot branding iron. If employed as an improvised weapon in combat, a hot branding iron deals damage and leaves behind its symbol on any creature struck. If the wielder is trying to mark a particular spot on a target creature, she takes a –4 penalty on her attack roll (in addition to any penalties from using improvised weapons). Creatures immune or resistant to fire damage cannot be marked by a branding iron. A hot branding iron loses its heat quickly. It can mark only one creature within 5 minutes of being removed from a fire before it needs to be reheated.