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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 152
Price 25 gp; Weight
Category Herbs
Gather DC 18; Yield 1 dose
Terrain temperate or warm deserts
Preparation A dose of angelstep can be used raw or processed into a pigment that can be worn on the skin. Processing a dose of the pigment takes 4 hours and requires a successful DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check. Angelstep pigment costs twice as much as the raw fungus.
Use As part of an attempt to stabilize a dying creature, a dose of raw angelstep can be rubbed on the creature to grant a +4 bonus on the Heal check to stabilize the creature. A dose of angelstep pigment applied to the skin of a Medium or smaller creature helps to protect that creature against death for 2d4 hours. The next time the wearer of angelstep pigment drops to negative hit points, it gains a +4 alchemical bonus on its next 1d6 Constitution checks to stabilize. The pigment loses its effect once all these checks are attempted or once the victim is stabilized.


This iridescent white shelf fungus is said to have first grown from the footsteps of an angel, though some claim it instead comes from the footsteps of a djinni.