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Alchemical cleaner

Source Villain Codex pg. 44
Price 300 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Category Alchemical Tools


This caustic alchemical solution dissolves blood, hair, and small pieces of flesh. Distributing it over a 5-foot square takes one full-round action and increases the DC of Perception checks to find such materials by 20. (A creature that fails the Perception check to find such materials by 5 or less realizes the area has been unnaturally cleared of them.) This applies only to the original Perception DC, not a substituted skill check like those from the cleanerACG or tracelessUI archetypes. One pot of alchemical cleaner contains enough liquid to cover nine 5-foot squares. A pot of alchemical cleaner can be thrown as a splash weapon and functions as an alkali flask (Advanced Player’s Guide 184) when thrown. Crafting alchemical cleaner requires a successful DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.


Craft (Alchemy) DC 25