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Unique Witch Patrons

Description Source: Blood of the Coven
Witch patrons are enigmatic entities, sometimes fair minded and other times malevolent. Some are demigods or powerful spirits, such as those that grant shamans their spellcasting. Others are manifestations of cosmic forces, created by the certainty of mortals and the fundamental need for balance in much the same way aeons manifest. While kindly patrons are rare—attracting worshipers more readily than agents—the majority are high-minded and neutral figures. They dispense arcane power to those whose interests and mindsets align with their needs, and once a witch drifts from the cause or refuses to pay the price for such power, her patron divests the spellcaster of her powers and depart. Wicked patrons enjoy longer-lasting relationships, however, manipulating the witches’ minds and punishing disobedience in a manner far more personal than an evil god. The familiar of a wicked patron becomes equal parts power source and prison guard, forever studying its charge for disobedience.

The various published witch patron themes present a wide array of concepts and priorities to align with a large variety of supernatural beings. Some specific patrons, however, might offer variations within the spells they grant. Special patron categories listed on page 15 swap out the spells normally provided by a patron theme at specific levels, and grant a specific hex and drawback at 1st level. Once a specific patron has been selected, a witch cannot change her patron or raise a hand against that entity without losing her spellcasting, hexes, and familiar. These categories are limited in the patron themes they can provide; their witches must select from one of the four listed for each entry. These patrons are extraordinary examples of their kind, often invested with unique or mythic powers and pursuing long-term agendas measured in centuries or eons.

Celestial AgendaEndurance, Healing, Light, Portents
EmpathAncestors, Mind, Spirits, Wisdom
Fey GiftsAgility, Enchantment, Trickery, Winter
Green WhispersAnimals, Endurance, Moon, Transformation
Hag's CallingMoon, Plague, Shadow, Vengeance
Infernal ContractEnchantment, Strength, Trickery, Vengeance
ShadowboundDeath, Deception, Ethereal, Shadow
The Condition of AllElements, Time, Transformation, Wisdom
Touched by the Outer GodsInsanity, Occult, Stars, Transformation