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Witch Archetypes

Alley WitchFamiliar; 1st and 6th-level HexesSome witches find their spark of magic in the long, dark shadows and forgotten places within the city.
AshiftahFamiliar; 2nd, 6th-level HexKnown in Taldane as a “battle witch,” an ashiftah drifts like a phantom among the enemy armies, calling down disaster upon their heads and weakening their resolve.
Beast-Bonded4th-level Hex; 8th-level Hex; 10th-level Major HexWhile all witches are intimately tied to their familiars, a beast-bonded witch’s craft focuses specifically on her familiar bond and developing the relationship with her patron through her familiar.
Bonded WitchFamiliar(Half-Elf Only) While all witches commune with the unknown, the blend of human ingenuity and adept learning mixed with elven blood gives some half-elves a unique conduit to channel the powers of the arcane.
BoudaAlignment; Familiar; 1st-level Hex; 10-level Major HexThese strange and often solitary witches have a strong connection to curses, the evil eye, and hyenas.
CartomancerFamiliar; 2nd-level HexA witch who serves the spirits of the harrow in exchange for mystical power is known as a cartomancer.
Coral WitchPatron; Familiar; 8th-level HexCoral witches use their magic to fashion familiars from living coral and emulate the unyielding tenacity of these durable marine organisms.
Demon-SwornPatron Spells; 6th-level HexIn the depths of the Darklands, as well as similarly inhospitable locales on Golarion, many seek the succor of demons as a means of survival.
Dimensional Occultist2nd-level Hex, 8th-level Hex, 12th-level HexThe dimensional occultist sacrifices some of her mastery over hexes in return for much increased planar lore.
DreamweaverClass Skills; Patron Spells; 2nd, 6th, 10th-level Hexes(Changeling Only) A changeling dreamweaver draws upon her hag heritage to ply the dream realms in order to touch mortal minds and souls, for good or ill.
Flood WalkerAlignment; Class Skills; 4th, 10th, 16th, 18th-level Patron Spells; 1st, 6th, 10th-level HexWitches who dwell in floodplains or along the banks of predictably dangerous rivers can tap into the underlying potential of surging waters in order to enhance their eerie powers.
Gingerbread WitchFamiliar; 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 16th-level Hex A sweet tooth lures the gingerbread witch’s victims to doom.
GravewalkerPatron Spells; Familiar; 1st-level Hex; 4th-level Hex; 8th-level HexHaving much in common with necromancers, the gravewalker is obsessed with the occult manipulations of the dead, particularly mindless undead such as zombies.
Hag of GyronnaPatron; Spells; 2nd, 8th, 12th-level HexesOnly female witches dare dedicate themselves to the Angry Hag, and those who do so are feared for their ability to bend minds and sow discord.
Hagbound1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 20th--level HexesWhether a changeling in the process of succumbing to her mother’s call, a witch cursed by a hag to become her instrument of torment, a vain and petty witch overeager for power, or some other unfortunate soul, a hagbound witch finds its soul has been infected by a hag’s spite and powerful, corrupt arcane magic.
HavockerHexesAlthough most witches are guided to subtle curses and debilitating hexes by their mysterious patrons, some are instead taught the secrets of harnessing raw, destructive elemental power.
Hedge Witch4th-level Hex; 8th-level HexAmong witches, there are those who devote themselves to the care of others and restrict their practices to the healing arts.
Herb WitchPatron; 1st, 2nd, 10th-level HexHerb witches brew foul-tasting medicines, sweet poisons, and other concoctions from the untamed plants of the wild.
Hex Channeler2nd-level HexA hex channeler is a witch who devotes herself to either life—healing the wounded and destroying the undead—or death, slaying the living and aiding undead.
Invoker1st, 8th, 10th, and 16th level HexThe invoker uses her familiar to summon facets of her mysterious patron directly into her body, enhancing her skills and granting her powerful abilities.
Jinx WitchClass Skills; 2nd, 6th, 10th-level Hex Jinx witches specialize in calling down subtle misfortunes and deceiving enemies and allies alike. While they lack any ability to truly eliminate bad luck, they are uniquely gifted at making others believe otherwise.
Ley Line GuardianSpellcasting; Familiar; 1st and 8th-level HexesSome witches tap into the power of their patrons not through a special connection with a familiar, but rather directly through the vast network of ley lines that crosses the planes.
MediumPatron; 2nd, 6th, 20th-level HexesMediums tap into the spiritual power of those who have yet to find their final rest. Their ability to interact with these souls allows mediums to learn about the physical world through the experiences of those who came before them.
Mirror WitchFamiliarMirror witches eschew animal familiars and isntead talk to their patrons via mirror magic
Mountain WitchSpells; Hex; 2nd-level HexMountains can be sanctuaries for witches hunted by society. Here they form bonds with the spirits of the lofty reaches.
Nexian SpellspyDeliver Touch Spells; 4th-level HexNexian spellspies are witches who use their familiars and divining talents to spy on their rivals and protect themselves from similar intrusions.
Pact WitchAlignment; Patron; Familar; 6th-level HexThough all witches forge bonds with mysterious powers known as patrons, a pact witch takes this bond to an extreme by forging an inexorable pact with the Outer Planes.
PutrefactorFamiliar; Patron; 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th, and 16th-level HexesSome witches find their patrons while in the throes of despair and grief, when all they desire is to see the veneer of civilization peel back to reveal the filth and rot that underlies all things.
Rhetorician1st-level Hex; SpellsRhetoricians feel driven to engage in debate, learn as much as they can about their potential foes, and seek ways to use information and quick talking to handle problems before resorting to raw violence.
Scarred Witch DoctorSpellcasting; Hexes; Familiar; 1st-level Hex(Orc Only) The scarred witch doctor draws power from her ability to endure pain and suffering.
Sea WitchPatron Spells; 1st-level HexA sea witch’s affinities are tied to the vast oceans and the rolling waves.
Season WitchPatron; 1st-level HexSeason witches gain their power from the cyclical and mystical exchange of energy passed from one season of nature to another.
SeducerPatron; Key Ability Score; 1st, 6th, 8th-level HexThese charismatic witches, often devotees of the Green Mother, rely on their otherworldly charms to achieve their aims.
Synergist1st, 8th, and 14th-level HexesSynergists gain the ability to combine their forms with their familiars’ in order to create something more powerful than either alone.
TatterdemalionWeapon Proficiencies; Cantrips; 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th-level Hex Some witches can bend the warp and weft of fabric and thread.
VellemancerClass Skills; 2nd, 6th, and 8th-level HexesWhile the popular stereotype envisions witches as wicked spellcasters sowing misery, many people turn to the arcane to heal others and better the world. The vellemancer is a guide, using her witchcraft to empower and teach others.
Veneficus Witch2nd and 10th-level HexesVeneficus witches specialize in poisons—brewing both magical and traditional concoctions, and applying them to weapons, traps or even her potent hexes.
Venom Siphoner1st, 2nd, 6th-level Hex; AlertnessWitches are no strangers to poisons, using them alongside their various brews, curses, spells, and other tools of the trade.
White-Haired WitchHex; Major Hex; Grand HexA white-haired witch concentrates her mysterious powers on improving her prowess in melee, using feats of agility and her prehensile hair to deal extreme damage.
Winter WitchFamiliar; Patron; 4th-level HexThe descendents of Baba Yaga rule the frozen realm of Irrisen, and possess a unique power stemming from their otherworldly origin and their ties to cold magic.
Witch-WatcherSpells per DayFor reasons known only to them, witch-watchers offer protection to nobles across Golarion.
Wyrm WitchPatron; Familiar Some witch covens have learned to use treasure to access other draconic powers.