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Wisdom of Jatembe (Six Warriors Edition) (Spellbook, Level 11 Diviner)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 12
This book is bound in thick, rough rawhide. Several cloth ribbons are attached to the spine and used as bookmarks, each with a yellowed tooth tied to the loose end. Two silver plates are bound to the spine, each depicting the stylized face of a different beast. The spells and stories recorded throughout the book are each written in a different handwriting, ranging from neat block script to wild looping letters that are difficult to read at first glance.
Value 4,725 gp (6,025 gp with the preparation ritual)


6th—chain lightning, contagious flamesAPG, Jatembe’s ire, legend lore, planar binding
5th—dismissal, lesser planar binding, overland flight, polymorph, sending, summon monster V, telepathic bond
4th—black tentacles, dimensional anchor, greater celestial healing, wall of fire
3rd—dispel magic, haste, planar inquiry, stinking cloud
2nd—blindness/deafness, mirror image, spectral hand
1st—celestial healing, magic missile, shocking grasp, true strike


Jatembe’s Vindication (Su) The Old-Mage’s teachings are a call to arms for all good spellcasters, stressing the importance of using one’s talents altruistically and philanthropically, and his teachings foster the power of good in even the most apathetic heart. Expend this boon when you cast a spell that targets one or more creatures. The spell gains the good descriptor as well as a +2 sacred bonus on caster level checks to overcome the spell resistance of evil creatures. An evil creature cannot use this preparation ritual.