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The Prying Eye (Spellbook, Level 7 Universalist)

Source Divine Anthology pg. 5
The front cover of this tome is as black as night, while the back cover is ivory white. An eye-shaped symbol graces both covers.
Value 1,940 gp (2,200 gp with the preparation ritual)


4th—arcane eye, eyes of the voidACG, medusa’s bane
3rd—arcane sight, channel the giftISG, fractions of heal and harmISG
2nd—darkvision, burning gazeAPG, see invisibility, spell gaugeISG
1st—countless eyesUM, detect secret doors, identify, invisibility alarmACG, see alignment, true strike


Keen Perception (Su) You can spend this boon to gain a +2 insight bonus on a single Perception or Sense Motive check.