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The Guide's Analects (Spellbook, Level 6 Universalist)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 6
This book’s worn leather cover is emblazoned with a simplified winged eye superimposed on a map of Avistan.
Value 690 gp (990 gp with the preparation ritual)


3rd—Aroden’s spellsword, heroism, lesser guardian monument, magic circle against evil
2nd—arcane disruptionACG, human potential, masterwork transformationUM, winged sword
1st—detect undead, endure elements, expeditious construction, heightened awarenessACG, linked legacy, mage armor


Glorious Blade (Su) When you attack with a sword (including swordlike effects created by spells such as spiritual weapon, as long as they require attack rolls), you can expend a prepared spell or spell slot as a free action to spend this boon. If you do, you gain an insight bonus on the attack roll equal to the level of the prepared spell or spell slot expended.