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The Formulae of Master Gebr (Formula Book, Level 20 Alchemist)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 127
These four cloth-bound books are neatly printed—as with a printing press or some other form of mechanical transcription—with a title page, a table of contents, and a useful cross-referenced index. They have been treated well and are clearly reference works, rather than laboratory notes; the writer was obviously a most disciplined and focused inventor.
Protection The cover is treated with tears of death poison (contact; save Fort DC 22; onset 1 minute; frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes; effect 1d6 Con damage and paralyzed for 1 minute).
Value 6,615 gp (11,115 gp with the preparation ritual)


6th—elemental body III, form of the dragon I, heal, shadow walk, transformation, twin form 5th—delayed consumption, dream, elude time, nightmare, overland flight, resurgent transformation, spell resistance 4th—detonate, dragon’s breath, fire shield, fluid form, greater invisibility, neutralize poison, stoneskin, universal formula 3rd—absorbing touch, amplify elixir, bloodhound, displacement, draconic reservoir, haste, heroism, seek thoughts, thorn body 2nd—alchemical allocation, barkskin, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, elemental touch, fire breath, perceive cues, see invisibility, transmute potion to poison, vomit swarm 1st—bomber’s eye, comprehend languages, crafter’s fortune, disguise self, endure elements, keen senses, negate aroma, shield, stone fist, touch of the sea


Spontaneous Bomb (Su) When it comes to bombs, you have a special trick up your sleeve. Once per day as a swift action, you can apply a discovery that you qualify for (but do not already know) to a bomb. This does not allow you to stack non-stacking discoveries on a bomb.