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Sarini's Workbook (Spellbook, Level 16 Magus with Bard Spells)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 26
This book appears to be more of a personal journal than a magical tome. The soft leather binding is worn, and many pages bear the telltale creases of dog-ears and stains of spilled wine.
Value 4,295 gp (4,670 gp with the preparation ritual)


6th—mass eagle’s splendor, transformation
5th—baleful polymorph, shadow evocation, telekinesis, teleport, vampiric shadow shieldACG, wall of force
4th—black tentacles, charm monster, greater flaming sphereACG, mass enlarge person, mass reduce person, tough crowd, wreath of bladesUC
3rd—burst of speedUC, dispel magic, fly, heckle, major image, stage fright
2nd—alter self, darkness, hold person, minor image, pilfering handUC, scorching ray
1st—charm person, flare burstAPG, grease, jump, mirror strikeUC, mount, negative reactionUC, silent image, true strike, unseen servant


Devilishly Reasonable (Su) You can spend this boon to gain a +5 bonus on a Diplomacy check against a target that has an attitude of friendly or helpful toward you to request aid in the form of the target revealing an important secret.