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Quest Eternal (Spellbook, Level 13 Diviner)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 124
Stuffed between the pages of these two well-worn volumes are all manner of riddles, tidbits of lore, and fragments of maps. One of the covers is missing a corner, as if hacked off with a blade, and the text inside is tiny and cramped, as if the author were afraid of running out of room.
Opposition Conjuration, transmutation
Value 6,475 gp (8,395 gp with the preparation ritual)


7th—greater arcane sightS, greater scryingS, prismatic spray
6th—chain lightning, contingency, eyebite, legend loreS, true seeingS
5th—dominate person, fire snake, prying eyesS, teleportOP, telepathic bondS
4th—arcane eyeS, confusion, detect scryingS, fear, ice storm, wall of fire
3rd—clairaudience/clairvoyanceS, dispel magic, displacement, greater magic weaponOP, hydraulic torrent, lightning bolt, seek thoughts, tonguesS
2nd—arcane lock, false life, fox’s cunningOP, locate objectS, resist energy, scorching ray, see invisibilityS, touch of idiocy
1st—alarm, charm person, comprehend languagesS, color spray, detect secret doorsS, expeditious excavationOP, floating disk, protection from evil, shield, true strikeS, ventriloquism


Travel Sage (Su) There is nothing like a magic book to enhance the memory. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one. Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in Knowledge (geography). If you are already trained in Knowledge (geography), you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on those checks instead.