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Master Books of Rul Thaven (Spellbook, Level 17 Diviner)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 126
This trio of books is bound in leather as black as a starless night, clasped together with gleaming silver. The pages are filled with notes and errata. The handwriting becomes more hurried toward the end of the trilogy, and the final page says, “I have found her!”
Opposition Illusion, transmutation
Protection Each book features a superior lock (DC 40); secret page hides the 9th- and 7th-level spells, and the first book is warded with explosive runes (Reflex DC 17).
Value 12,725 gp (16,550 gp with the preparation ritual)


9th—foresightS, freedom
8th—demand, discern locationS, greater prying eyesS, trap the soul
7th—instant summons, greater arcane sightS, greater scryingS, plane shift, visionS
6th—analyze dweomerS, greater dispel magic, guards and wards, legend loreS, repulsion, true seeingS
5th—contact other planeS, major creation, secret chest, sending, telepathic bondS, planar adaptationOP
4th—bestow curse, dimensional anchor, lesser geas, lesser globe of invulnerability, locate creatureS, remove curse, secure shelter, share sensesS
3rd—arcane sightS, blood biographyS, clairaudience/clairvoyanceS, explosive runes, secret pageOP, seek sensesS, tonguesS
2nd—continual flame, detect thoughtsS, flaming sphere, hold person, locate objectS, resist energy, see invisibilityS, summon monster II
1st—cause fear, comprehend languagesS, detect secret doorsS, detect undeadS, disguise self OP, identifyS, protection from evil, protection from law, true strikeS


Improved Eyes of Rul Thaven (Su) This improved boon allows you to see invisible creatures. You can activate the boon’s effect as a swift action to gain the effects of see invisibility for up to 10 rounds. The rounds need not be consecutive, but you must spend a swift action each time you activate the boon’s effect. The boon’s effect is only spent when all 10 rounds of see invisibility are used up, or the next time you prepare wizard spells.