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Manuscript of Jack Were-son (Spellbook, Level 10 Universalist)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 123
Blood, dirt, wine, and more stain this white leather book. The owner’s name, Jack Were-son, is stamped into the cover in peeling gold, yet no more information about the author is immediately evident. Several of the pages contain careful diagrams and illustrations done by a competent but uninspiring artist.
Protection Average lock with arcane lock (DC 35) and explosive runes (Reflex DC 16)
Value 2,835 gp ( gp with the preparation ritual)


5th—break enchantment, mage’s private sanctum, polymorph, treasure stitching
4th—charm monster, dimension door, greater invisibility, moonstruck, true form
3rd—cloak of winds, explosive runes, haste, lightning bolt, nondetection, twilight knife
2nd—acid arrow, burning gaze, dust of twilight, fog cloud, metabolize, protection from arrows, spider climb
1st—alter winds, ant haul, burning hands, cause fear, hold portal, identify, magic missile, sleep, stone fist, vanish