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Library of the Dancer of Skins (Spellbook, Level 19 Universalist)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 126
This quartet of books is held together by a shining silver strand wound around the four tomes and tied in an intricate knot. Inside, the writing is expansive and sloppy, filled with marginalia; the author’s notes indicate clear excitement about her discoveries, and while the thinker is obviously brilliant, she is also apparently undisciplined.
Value 16,435 gp (20,710 gp with the preparation ritual)


9th—shapechange, weird, wish, world wave
8th—giant form II
, polar ray, scintillating pattern, seamantle, trap the soul
7th—control weather
, elemental body IV, phantasmal revenge, power word blind, rampart, spell turning
6th—beast shape IV
, cloak of dreams, control water, fluid form, getaway, lightning field, plant shape II
, fabricate, fire snake, geyser, hold monster, overland flight, planar adaptation, telekinesis
4th—dragon’s breath
, dimension door, firefall, greater invisibility, moonstruck, resilient sphere, true form, wandering star motes
3rd—blink, cloak of winds, elemental aura, fly, lightwall, shifting sands, twilight knife, versatile weapon
2nd—accelerate poison, arrow eruption, dust of twilight, elemental speech, alter self, fire breath, share language, slipstream
1st—alter winds, ant haul, endure elements, feather fall, flare burst, identify, stone fist, touch of the sea, true strike, vanish


Defensive Boon (Su) You throw up a quick burst of arcane energy that deflects an incoming spell attack. As an immediate action when targeted with a touch spell or spell-like ability, you can spend this boon’s effect to gain a +4 deflection bonus to AC against the triggering attack.