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Journeyman Book of Rul Thaven (Spellbook, Level 9 Diviner)

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 123
This medium-sized book has a creased spine and supple gray leather covers. The leather has rubbed away in certain spots, tiny pinhole burns pock the surface, and a brass lock holds the book shut. A woman’s portrait has been bound into the front cover, and text covers almost all of the image except her face: text in circles, with arrows pointing to new circles with suppositions. Underneath the woman’s chin are the words “Diabolist sacrifice?”
Opposition Illusion, transmutation
Protection Average lock (DC 25), and the 5th-level spells are hidden with secret page. The special word is “reveal.”
Value 2,195 gp (3,320 gp with the preparation ritual)


5th—contact other planeS, major creation, telepathic bondS,
4th—detect scryingS, locate creatureS, remove curse, scryingS
3rd—arcane sightS, clairaudience/clairvoyanceS, secret pageOP, tonguesS
2nd—detect thoughtsS, flaming sphere, locate objectS, resist energy, see invisibilityS, summon monster II
1st—cause fear, comprehend languagesS, detect secret doorsS, detect undeadS, disguise selfOP, identifyS, protection from evil, protection from law, true strikeS


Eyes of Rul Thaven (Su) You use a trick perfected by Rul Thaven to ferret out invisible creatures. Spend this boon’s effect as a swift action. You gain the effects of see invisibility for 1 round.