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Cyrusian Codex (Spellbook, Level 11 Transmuter)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 18
This heavy tome bears a handsome leather cover over thick metal plates. The front cover displays a dozen tiny dials arranged in a semicircle around the locking mechanism.
Protection Good lock with arcane lock (DC 40)
Value 4,425 gp (9,125 gp with the preparation ritual)


6th—age resistanceUM, disintegrate, greater heroism, wall of iron
5th—dissolution, major creation, open arms, treasure stitchingAPG
4th—adjustable polymorphACG, calcific touchAPG, greater darkvisionUM, liquefy, rags to riches, shout
3rd—anthropomorphic animalUM, deft digits, disable constructACG, dispel magic, fly, lightning bolt
2nd—arcane lock, darkness, detect thoughts, full pouch, masterwork transformationUM, shatter, silk to steelUM, twisted spaceUC
1st—ant haulAPG, burning hands, endure elements, jump, mage armor, mirror strikeUC, true strike, vocal alterationUM


Enduring Alteration (Su) Your spells resist reality’s attempts to restore the things you change. You can spend this boon to apply the benefits of the Extend Spell feat to a transmutation spell as you cast it. This also increases the DC to dispel that spell (via dispel magic or similar abilities) by 4. This boon does not increase the spell level or casting time of your spell.