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Cold Irony (Spellbook, Level 15 Bard)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 24
Bound in thin sheets of iron, this book is designed as a series of treatises on divination, information gathering, and rhetoric. The thoughts and notes are so complete as to qualify as a spellbook for the spells listed, despite the fact the author was a bard with no need for a spellbook.
Value 2,420 gp (2,795 gp with the preparation ritual)


5th—foe to friendAPG, greater heroism, song of discord, unwilling shieldAPG
4th—break enchantment, detect scrying, dominate person, foretell failure
3rd—blink, find fault, glibness, haste, reviving finaleAPG
2nd—cure moderate wounds, gallant inspirationAPG, hold person, locate object, misdirection, perfect placement
1st—expeditious retreat, memory lapseAPG, moment of greatness, obscure object, undetectable alignment, vanish


Brain Wash (Su) You combine magic and skill to masterfully manipulate your subjects. You can expend this boon when you cast a spell on a creature you have succeeded at a Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge, or Sense Motive check against. You cast that spell at +1 caster level and its save DC increases by 1.