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Calamaes Fragment (Spellbook, Level 7 Transmuter)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 18
Two gold-plated bronze covers bind this gaudy tome. Several synonyms for “wealth” are neatly chiseled in different languages on the cover.
Value 1,565 gp ( gp with the preparation ritual)


4th—dimension door, lesser age resistanceUM, liquefy
3rd—deft digits, dispel magic, greater magic weapon, haste, hostile levitationUC, rags to riches
2nd—alter self, darkvision, fool’s gold, glideAPG, glitterdust, scorching ray, touch of idiocy
1st—ant haulAPG, jury-rigUC, mage armor, magic missile, polypurpose panaceaUM, shocking grasp, sleep, tears to wine