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Arrowsong's Sorrow (Spellbook, Level 3 Universalist)

Source Arcane Anthology pg. 30
This drab leather tome is stamped plainly with elven lettering, appearing at first glance as little more than a journeyman’s treatise on spellcasting. Penned into almost every margin, however, are copious notes by an author who identifies herself only as “Arrowsong.” These annotations discuss numerous spellcasting fallacies made by the tome’s original authors and simple (yet effective) countermeasures that more martially inclined persons can use to disrupt spellcasting. The overall tone of Arrowsong’s notes is one of bitter melancholy, and an equal amount of space is dedicated to slanderous poetry directed toward Arrowsong’s parents and the book’s writers, who might be the same people.
Value 1,200 gp (2,200 gp with the preparation ritual)


3rd—contingent actionACG, cloak of winds, fireball, lightning bolt
2nd—acid arrow, arrow eruptionAPG, protection from arrows, scorching ray, stone callAPG
1st—blendARG, gravity bowAPG, identify, longshot, magic missile, shield, true strike


Disruption Master (Ex) Arrowsong’s claims about the imperfections of spellcasting and the failings of magic provide additional insight into interrupting spellcasting. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one. Until you prepare spells again, when you damage a foe or the foe fails a saving throw against a spell of yours, the foe also takes a –2 penalty on all concentration checks it attempts for 1 round.