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Dirty Tactics Toolbox

Estimated Release Date: 8/29/2015
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Afflictions - Poisons [5]

Addlemind, Laughing gas, Red tears, Snap will, Whisperwound

Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Poisoned Explosive*

Archetypes [8]

Asmodean Advocate (Cleric), Kraken Caller (Druid), Monk of the Mantis (Monk), Monk of the Mantis (Monk (Unchained)), Reaper of Secrets (Inquisitor), Toxicant (Alchemist), Untamed Rager (Barbarian), Waylayer (Rogue)

Barbarian Rage Powers [3]

Enhance Venom (Ex), Viper’s Breath (Ex), Viper’s Kiss (Ex)

Equipment (Misc.) [12]

Alchemical candle wax, Alchemical pheromones (aggression), Alchemical pheromones (arousal), Alchemical pheromones (susceptibility), Angry jack, Burglar's torc, Hollow caltrops, Mithralbane sap, Serrated caltrops, Shrapnel caltrops, Spike hilt, Venom trap

Equipment Tricks [5]

Boot Tricks, Cloak Tricks, Net Tricks, Thieves' Tools Tricks, Wondrous Item Tricks

Feats [39]

Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Ambuscading Spell, Ambush Awareness, Battle Cry (DTT), Befuddling Initiative, Dastardly Trick, Dedicated Adversary, Deep Toxin, Dirty Critical Hit, Dirty Disarm, Dirty Fighting, Dirty Grapple, Equipment Trick, Expert Sniper, Extra Impromptu Sneak Attack, Flexible Foe, Flying Tackle, Friendly Shroud, Frightening Ambush, Improved Lookout, Inspired Sneak Attack, Kitsune Style, Kitsune Tricks, Kitsune Vengeance, Lightning Rager, Master Sniper, Poison Shot Deed, Powerful Poisoning, Reflexive Caster, Scurrying Swarmer, Sneaking Critical, Superior Dirty Trick, Terrifying Assault, Toxic Spell, Treacherous Toxin, Trick Spell, Unseen Poison, Verify, Wasp Familiar

Magic Items (Armor) [3]

Adamant, Ghost Spike, Spellsink

Magic Items (Tattoos) [3]

Radiant Tattoo, Viper Tattoo, Weapon Tattoo

Magic Items (Weapons) [11]

Arachnid's Fang, Bewildering, Constrictor's Gauntlets, Dazzling Radiance, Doppelganger's Sword, Gory, Nimble Whip, Sapping, Shade Bow, Stirge Dart, Traitor's Blade

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Ashes of Unluck, Bag of Rust, Burdenstone, Circlet of Petty Discord, Gloves of Pulverizing Disruption, Rime-Stride Boots, Shadow Jumper's Tunic

Oracle Curses [1]

Wrecking Mysticism

Slayer Talents [1]

Catfolk Rogue Talent

Spells [16]

Blend with Surroundings, Body Double, Drain Poison, Garden of Peril, Grasping Tentacles, Grease, Greater, Hide Weapon, Invigorating Poison, Neutralize Poison, Greater, Poison Breath, Selective Invisibility, Sense Vitals, Shifting Shadows, Sword to Snake, Toxic Rupture, Venomous Bite

Traits [9]

Among Humans, Bauble Fascination, Business Venturer, Canopy Prowler, Fiendish Sniper, Illusion Obsession, Inquisitive Banterer, Nine-Tailed Scion, Prankster

Witch Hexes [1]

Steal Voice (Su)