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Alchemy Manual

Estimated Release Date: 4/30/2014
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Afflictions - Poisons [9]

Alchemical isolation, Confabulation powder, Count Ambras's punishment, Cytillesh extract, Flaming doom, Fury gas, Liquid persuasion, Smell of fear, Vampire's kiss

Archetypes [1]

Drunken Rager (Barbarian)

Equipment (Alchemical Reagents) [20]

Black Powder, Brimstone, Cold Iron, Cytillesh Spores, Darkwood, Dew of Lunary, Ginger Extract, Gold, Magnesium, Mugwort Extract, Myrrh, Pesh, Phosphorus, Quicksilver, Realgar, Salt, Saltpeter, Silver, Spirit of Wine, Urea

Equipment (Fungal Grafts) [2]

Fungal Eyes, Reaching Vines

Equipment (Misc.) [84]

Acid, Acid neutralizer, Alchemist's fire, Amp, Antitoxin, Arrow (bleeding), Arrow (durable), Arrow (dye), Arrow (lodestone), Arrow (pheromone), Arrow (raining), Arrow (slow burn), Arrow (splintercloud), Arrow (tangleshot), Arrow (trip), Artokus's fire, Blanch bomb (adamantine), Blanch bomb (cold iron), Blanch bomb (silver), Bloating solution, Blood-boiling pill, Blood-chilling pill, Bloodgorge, Boulderhead bock, Brewer's kit, Brewer's kit, masterwork, Bunk, Chameleon ointment, Congealer spray, Crucible, Desiccating lubricant, Essence of independence, Eye drops of the unseen master, Filter, Firework (dancing peonies), Firework (firecracker), Firework (firecracker, spirit), Firework (jumping jenny), Firework (skydragon), Firework (sparking pinwheel), Frightful war paint, Homunculus clay, Hookah, Icecap ale, Imposing war paint, Incense of divinity, Insight leaves, Instant fertilizer, Longbeard lambic, Loyalty transfusion, Lyddric essence, Mimic fibers, Oozing vat (gargantuan), Oozing vat (huge), Oozing vat (large), Oozing vat (medium), Oozing vat (small), Pain wheel, Poison belcher, Poison diffuser, Premium hookah, Purity test, Retort, Semblance transfusion, Shaman's paint, Shriek bomb, Silence dust, Slime grenade, Smokestick, Spirit of glass, Stormstone, Suffocating powder, Sunrod, Surge syrup, Tanglefoot bag, Tea of transference, Thunderstone, Tindertwig, Traveler's hookah, Tunnel creeper, Vapors of easy breath, Vector ink, Vivifying moxibustion needles, Wyrm's breath bitter

Feats [7]

Craft Ooze, Improved Toxicological Timing, Instant Alchemy, Poison Focus, Subtle Poisoner, Sure-Handed Alchemy, Toxicological Timing

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [4]

Focusing Flask, Retort of Control, Vial of Efficacious Medicine, Winged Bottle

Mythic Path Abilities [2]

Returning Flasks (Universal), Splash Back (Universal)