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Shaman Class Details | Hexes | Spirits | Archetypes

Shaman Spirits

Description Source: Advanced Class Guide
Each shaman must select from the following spirits. Unless otherwise noted, the DC to save against the special abilities granted by a spirit is equal to 10 + 1/2 the shaman’s level + the shaman’s Wisdom modifier.

Shaman Spirit Specializations

Description Source: Healer's Handbook
Spirit specializations are more specific focuses for shaman spirits that allow shamans greater flexibility in customizing their characters and building character backstories. One such specialization is presented below, but it is far from the only spirit specialization that exists.

Each spirit specialization replaces one or more hexes that the shaman can gain, as well as one or more of the spirit’s abilities and a number of the spells in the spirit’s spirit magic spell list. A spirit specialization never replaces all of the spirit’s hexes or all of the spirit’s abilities.

A spirit specialization is always treated as equivalent to its associated spirit for any effect or prerequisite that is based on spirits. A shaman cannot select a spirit specialization as a wandering spirit, nor can she form a bond with a spirit and a spirit specialization that is associated with it simultaneously—for instance, a shaman with the life spirit cannot form a temporary bond with the restoration spirit specialization.

If a spirit specialization hex or ability calls for a saving throw, the DC of the save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the shaman’s level + her Wisdom modifier.

AncestorsA shaman that selects the ancestors spirit has wise eyes and thick white or silver hair. Fine wrinkles line the shaman’s face, becoming more obvious when she smiles or glowers. When she calls upon one of this spirit’s abilities, her hair glows as though lit from within, rustling of its own accord.
BattleA shaman who selects the battle spirit gains scars from every wound she takes, and the grit of battle always seems to cling on her body.
BonesA shaman who selects the bones spirit is cadaverously thin, with sunken eye sockets and dead eyes that stare off into the distance.
Dark TapestryA shaman who selects the Dark Tapestry spirit is often a misanthropic loner.
FlameA shaman who selects the flame spirit has a radiant light behind her eyes and the faint smell of smoke about her.
FrostFar to the north, Erutaki tribes have adapted to life in the bitter cold of the Crown of the World. The frost spirit is seen by some Erutaki as a protector of their way of life, and shamans who commune with the spirit are shown great respect in their communities.

A shaman who selects the frost spirit has coarse white hair and always feels cold to the touch.
HeavensA shaman who selects the heavens spirit has eyes that sparkle like starlight, exuding an aura of otherworldliness to those she is around.
LifeA shaman who selects the life spirit appears more vibrant than most mortals.
LoreA shaman who selects the lore spirit appears far wiser and knowing that her age would suggest.
MammothA shaman who selects the mammoth spirit is abnormally tall and stocky, with thick shaggy hair
NatureA shaman who selects the nature spirit takes on an appearance that ref lects the aspect of the natural world she has the closest connection to.
SlumsA shaman who selects the slums spirit gains the city’s alleys and avenues as steadfast allies.
StoneThe skin of a shaman who selects the stone spirit takes on a rough, stony appearance.
TribeA shaman who selects the tribe spirit strives to protect her allies, whether they be a traditional tribal unit or a chosen group of adventuring companions.
WavesA shaman who selects the waves spirit has a fluid grace that exhibits itself whenever she moves.
WindA shaman who selects the wind spirit appears windswept, and her movements seem lithe and carefree.
WoodA shaman who selects the wood spirit has a skin tone similar to the coloration of trees in her home region. Her vibrant hair is fragrant and resembles leaves and blossoms.