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Shaman Archetypes

AnimistSpirit Magic Spells; 2nd, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 18th-level Hexes; ManifestationEven among mystical practitioners, the animist has a strange perspective and even stranger magic. The animist perceives that all things have a spirit, including objects, constructs, illnesses, buildings, and the environment.
BenefactorSpellcasting; Hexes; A benefactor seeks to improve the lives of others by primarily offering powerful supportive abilities and magic to her allies and others she deems worthy.
Crystal TenderSpirit Animal; Wandering Spirit; 8th-level Shaman Hex; ManifestationA crystal tender focuses on the spirits of metal and stone, using crystals as a means to focus the power of the spirits she venerates.
Deep ShamanSpirit; Spirit Animal; Class Skills; Spirit AbilitiesDeep shamans are tied to spirits from the depths.
Draconic ShamanSpirit; Spirit Animal; 4th, 10th-level Hexes; Spirit Magic Some shamans draw their powers from the might of dragons. These shamans each gain a powerful drake as an ally, and view caring for that drake as a sacred duty
Grasping VineSpirit Animal; Spirit Magic; 2nd, 8th-level HexGrasping vine shamans are typically adherents of one of several scattered sects dedicated to the Green Mother. They revere plant life in all its forms, with a special fondness for poisonous or carnivorous plants.
Name-KeeperClass Skills; Spirit Animal; Spirit Magic; Wandering Spirit; Wandering HexName-keepers have delved into the storied histories etched into the Wall of Names and communed with the departed spirits of those whose names are memorialized on the monument.
OverseerSpirit Magic; Deliver Touch SpellsWhile all shamans use their connection to the spirits of the world to draw upon otherworldly magic powers, the shamans of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings have a unique tradition in which they use the power of patron spirits to directly control their enemies.
Possessed ShamanSpirit Magic; 2nd and 6th-level HexesFor a possessed shaman, merely communing with the spirit world is insufficient. Instead, she invites the spirits to share her body, granting them the chance to experience corporeal existence.
Primal WardenSpirit Animal; Spirit Magic; 4th, 8th, 12th-levle HexA shaman who communes with spirits that linger in areas where primal magic reigns, learning to stabilize these erratic energies and draw upon them to her benefit.
Serendipity ShamanSpirit Magic spellsThe serendipitous, shamanistic rites associated with the traditional catfolk worship of the so-called “spirits of creation” focus upon attracting good fortune and banishing ill fortune in the name of these spirits.
Speaker for the PastSpirit Familiar; Wandering Spirit; Wandering HexA speaker for the past is a shaman who specifically serves as the voice for spirits from her people’s history.
Spirit WardenClass Skills; Spirit Magic Spells; 2nd and 10th-level HexesNot all spirits deserve reverence and respect. Some are twisted and despicable. It’s a spirit warden’s duty to end these spirits’ existence.
True Silvered ThroneClass Skills; Spirit Animal; Wandering Spirit; Wandering Hex; 8th-level HexMembers in good standing who have risen to a prestigious rank within the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, true silvered thrones have managed to discover rituals and occult secrets within the lore of their order.
Unsworn ShamanSpirit; Hex; Spirit Animal; Wandering Spirit; Wandering Hex; Spirit MagicAn unsworn shaman never binds herself to one specific spirit, always making new deals as she deems necessary for the circumstances that she finds herself in.
VisionaryWandering Spirit; Spirit Magic Spells; Wandering Hex; Greater Wandering Spirit; True Wandering SpiritThe visionary is a master at divination, drawing upon her intimate relationship with the spirit world to ferret out all manner of secrets and insights about the world around her and beyond.
Witch DoctorAlignment; 4th, 8th, 10th, and 12th-level HexesThe witch doctor is a healer who specializes in afflictions of the soul.