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Wayfinder of Infinite Doorways

Source Pathfinder #66: The Dead Heart of Xin pg. 61
Aura strong conjuration; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 45,000 gp; Weight


This bronze wayfinder is decorated with garnets and emeralds, and even without its magical properties would be worth a small fortune. A wayfinder of infinite doorways has 10 charges; these charges automatically replenish at a rate of 1 charge every 24 hours. The wayfinder has one ioun stone slot—as a standard action, the user can drain the power of an ioun stone inserted in the wayfinder to restore a number of charges equal to the ioun stone’s cost divided by 2,000 (thus, draining an ioun stone worth 8,000 points would instantly restore 4 charges). The item can be used to activate any of the following powers as a standard action that expends a variable number of charges.
  • The wayfinder of infinite doorways can be used cast detect secret doors. Using the item this way costs no charges, but can only be done if at least 1 charge remains in the wayfinder.
  • It can be used to cast knock at the cost of 1 charge.
  • It can be used to cast dimension door at the cost of 2 charges.
  • The wayfinder of infinite doorways can be used to transform any regular door within 10 feet into a portal that functions as a word of recall, causing any creatures that step through the targeted doorway to step out of another doorway that has been preselected. If no target doorway has been selected, this use of the wayfinder fails. Using the wayfinder in this way costs 4 charges. Attuning the wayfinder to a destination doorway requires a full-round action and 1 charge, and the user must be standing within the doorway when she does so.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect secret doors, dimension door, knock, word of recall; Cost 27,500 gp