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Wondrous Items - Eyes

Patternward Spectacles750 gp
Antiquarian's Monocle1,350 gp
Deathwatch Eyes2,000 gp
Eyes of the Eagle2,500 gp
Goggles of Minute Seeing2,500 gp
Spectacles of Comprehension2,500 gp
Pirate's Eye Patch2,600 gp
Spectacles of Lip Reading3,000 gp
Spectacles of Understanding3,000 gp
Lenses of Detection3,500 gp
Gossip Glass3,600 gp
Eyes of the Owl4,000 gp
Physician's Spectacles4,900 gp
Eldritch Scholar's Monocle5,000 gp
Lenses of Situational Sight5,000 gp
Marker's Monocle5,600 gp
Eyes of Keen Sight6,000 gp
Storm Goggles6,000 gp
Spendthrift Spectacles6,250 gp
Treasure Hunter's Goggles6,400 gp
Inquisitor's Monocle6,800 gp
Kinsight Goggles7,500 gp
Lenses of the Predator's Gaze8,000 gp
Goggles of Elvenkind8,500 gp
Pirate Lord's Patch8,500 gp
Monocle of Flawlessness8,750 gp
Goggles of Brilliant Light8,800 gp
Culling Goggles9,000 gp
Eye Patch of Infamy (Half-Orc)10,000 gp
Eyes of Mind Reading (Android)11,000 gp
Summoner Slayer Eyes11,000 gp
Vitreous Goggles11,200 gp
Blind Man's Fold12,000 gp
Goggles of Night12,000 gp
Lenses of Darkness12,000 gp
Lenses of Figment Piercing12,000 gp
Mariner's Eye Patch12,000 gp
Lenses of the Bully12,500 gp
Monocle of Unveiled Auras12,700 gp
Discerning Goggles13,500 gp
Arachnid Goggles15,000 gp
Eyes of the Damned15,000 gp
Life-Reading Eyes15,000 gp
Soulsight Goggles15,000 gp
Triple Eyes of Vivid Auras15,000 gp
Eyes of Embersight16,000 gp
Eyes of the Liar16,000 gp
Saboteur's Goggles16,000 gp
Darklands Goggles20,000 gp
Mask of Stolen Identities (Gillman)20,000 gp
Sniper Goggles20,000 gp
Rainbow Lenses21,000 gp
Annihilation Spectacles25,000 gp
Eyes of Doom25,000 gp
Eyes of Eyebite30,000 gp
Eye of the Cyclops32,000 gp
Captain's Eye Patch46,000 gp
Sniper Goggles (Greater)50,000 gp
Eyes of Charming56,000 gp
Monocle of the Investigator66,000 gp
Sea Tyrant's Patch70,000 gp
Swordmaster's Blindfold80,000 gp
Mindmaster's Eyes95,000 gp
Eyes of the Dragon110,000 gp
Truesight Goggles184,800 gp