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Wondrous Items - Chest

Bandages of Rapid Recovery200 gp
Quick Runner's Shirt1,000 gp
Endless Bandolier1,500 gp
All Tools Vest1,800 gp
Corset of Delicate Moves2,000 gp
Versatile Vest2,000 gp
Vest of the Deep2,000 gp
Coat of Pockets2,500 gp
Vest of Surgery3,000 gp
Sash of the War Champion4,000 gp
Vest of Shed Servitude4,000 gp
Silent Blade Vest4,300 gp
Sipping Jacket5,000 gp
Tunic of Careful Casting5,000 gp
Apron of the Careful Chemist5,200 gp
Vest of Escape5,200 gp
Cackling Hag's Blouse6,000 gp
Deadshot Vest6,000 gp
Prophet's Pectoral6,000 gp
Tunic of Deadly Might6,000 gp
Vest of the Vengeful Tracker6,000 gp
Resplendent Uniform Coat7,000 gp
Vest of Resonating Foritude7,000 gp
Coat of the Undercity7,500 gp
Blouse of the Boastful Bastard8,000 gp
Shirt of Immolation8,000 gp
Shirt of Inconspicuousness (Halfling)8,000 gp
Snakeskin Tunic8,000 gp
Coat of Mist8,400 gp
Scarves of the Stinging Dancer9,000 gp
Bane Baldric10,000 gp
Mantle of the Faithful Vessel10,000 gp
Swordmaster's Shirt10,000 gp
Unfettered Shirt10,000 gp
Poisoner's Jacket (Lesser)12,000 gp
Shadowbond Tunic12,000 gp
Manteau of the Mouse12,500 gp
Pickpocket's Bandolier12,500 gp
Baldric of Magical Stability (Garundi)14,000 gp
Death Warden's Bandolier15,000 gp
Saddle of the Sky-River16,000 gp
Vest of the Cockroach16,000 gp
Shadow Jumper's Tunic16,200 gp
Vest of Stable Mutation20,000 gp
Jinx Eater's Shirt (Tengu)22,600 gp
Drazmorg's Stasis Crucible23,000 gp
Mantle of Lordly Command23,000 gp
Spectral Shroud26,000 gp
Coat of the Undercity, Greater37,500 gp
Mantle of Immortality50,000 gp
Poisoner's Jacket (Greater)58,000 gp
Merciful Baldric60,000 gp
Praenomen64,200 gp
Scaled Sash73,000 gp
Mantle of Faith76,000 gp
Mantle of Spell Resistance90,000 gp
Mantle of the Crusader Host95,000 gp