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Wave Harp

Source Pathfinder #122: Into the Shattered Continent pg. 79
Aura faint evocation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 7,500 gp; Weight 8 lbs.


The wave harp is an unusual musical instrument that was popular in ancient Azlant. Three thin mithral rods extend from a thick plate, emitting invisible, short-range fields that respond to specific movements with notes of different pitches and timbres. Plucking the air between the mithral rods creates a variety of tones that a skilled musician can work into complicated chords and melodies.

The music of a wave harp is usually thin and high pitched, even when the lower notes are played closest to the plate. A wave harp is generally placed upon a stool or table at waist height to the musician, but it can be fitted with a strap to hang in front of the musician like a marching drum. As the necessary finger-motions are something between playing an organ and a zither, a musician can use either Perform (keyboard) or Perform (strings) to play a wave harp, although a musician without ranks in both skills takes a –4 penalty on his Perform checks.

There is no limit to the time a wave harp can be played as a mundane instrument, but the device has two additional magical effects that can be activated by anyone playing the wave harp as a standard action three times per day. First, the musician can conjure a pair of ghostly hands made of sonic energy to assist in plucking the air for 1 minute; the hands automatically assist the wearer with Perform checks, providing a +2 bonus on Perform checks with the instrument for 1 minute. These hands also absorb errant noises that would impact the performance, providing the musician with sonic resistance 10. Second, the musician can cause the wave harp to emit a discordant wail. The musician attempts a DC 15 Perform check with the wave harp; on a success, all creatures within 30 feet other than the musician take a –2 penalty on saving throws against sonic effects for 1 round, plus 1 additional round for every 5 points by which the Perform check result exceeds the DC.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, minor image, sound burst; Cost 3,750 gp