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Vestments of False Faith

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 251
Aura moderate illusion; CL 8th
Slot body; Price 27,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


This priestly garment can be commanded to alter its appearance as a standard action, able to reshape itself into ceremonial garb or the everyday habit of a religious functionary of any faith. Vestments of false faith are always emblazoned with the holy symbol and colors of the faith chosen by the wearer, and she can disguise an object held in a hand as a holy symbol, censer, candle, or similar item of religious paraphernalia. This change is a visual illusion (glamer) effect akin to disguise self.

The wearer of vestments of false faith gains a +10 bonus on Disguise checks to impersonate a member of the faith she has chosen (this doesn’t stack with disguise self and similar effects). She also gains a +5 competence bonus on Use Magic Device checks to activate items that duplicate divine spells or emulate a specific religion or alignment, provided they fit the religion she’s imitating. If she uses a magic item to produce the effect of a divine spell, she can make it appear to observers as though she were casting the spell, though a Spellcraft check to identify the spell being cast can identify it as coming from a magic item if the result exceeds the DC by 5 or more.

The wearer’s alignment is disguised while wearing vestments of false faith, so that it appears identical to that of the deity whose holy symbol she bears, and her aura is as strong as if she had a number of cleric levels equal to her Hit Dice. This primarily affects alignment detection; however, once per day as an immediate action, she can function as if she actually had that alignment when she would normally be affected by an alignment-based effect, such as blasphemy, chaos hammer, forbiddance, or an unholy magic weapon. This effect persists until the end of the wearer’s next turn, after which any non-instantaneous effects (such as smite evil) suddenly revert to having the effects they would normally have on a creature of her true alignment.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bless, disguise self, misdirection; Cost 13,500 gp