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Silent Aviary

Source Lost Treasures pg. 53
Aura strong (all schools); CL 20th
Slot none; Price 195,000 gp; Weight


The Silent Aviary is a unique harrow deck that features beautiful artwork of songbirds on each card. Anyone who counts the cards while looking at the illustrated fronts sees that the deck has 54 cards. Counting the cards while looking at their backs, however, always produces a card count of 55. The mysterious 55th card is the accursed Cage.

The Silent Aviary functions identically to a standard Harrow Deck of Many Things (Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Artifacts and Legends 24), except only a single character can draw from it each day, and only a single card can be drawn (although cards that allow or require redraws still function normally). The deck of many things from Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment can be used to model it instead if preferred (though its total card count is 22 rather than 54). However, unlike most harrow decks, the Silent Aviary offers its user a unique advantage: at any time during the drawing process, the user of the Silent Aviary may choose to immediately replace a drawn card. To do so, the user must simply utter a command phrase, put the rejected card back in the deck, and draw a new card to replace it. Only the effects of the replacement card are realized. However, every time a user rejects a card, he risks replacing it with the Cage card.

Every time a user utters the command phrase, he must attempt a DC 20 Will saving throw. If successful, the user replaces the rejected card as detailed above. However, if he fails the Will saving throw, the replacement card automatically comes up as the Cage. In this instance, the user is sucked into the card, as if she had fallen into a bag of holding. The user is then trapped in an extradimensional space that contains 250 cubic feet of space, 24 hours worth of breathable air, and over a dozen corpses.

A creature trapped in the Cage can escape by using either plane shift or freedom. If the Silent Aviary is destroyed or disenchanted while a creature is trapped in the Cage, the extradimensional space is immediately and permanently sealed, and becomes impossible to escape except with a miracle or wish.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift, wish; Cost 97,500 gp