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Shadow Stylus

Source Pathfinder #136: Temple of the Peacock Spirit pg. 54
Aura strong illusion; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 48,000 gp; Weight


A shadow stylus can create a doorway between the Material Plane and the Shadow Plane. To do so, the user must prick a bit of skin with the stylus’s pointed end, anointing it with a drop of blood from a living creature. The user must then use the shadowy chalk held in the stylus’s other end to inscribe a doorway on a solid surface in an area of dim light. Doing so requires 1d4 rounds of work and, once completed, fashions a portal like that created by a gate spell, linking the Material Plane and the Shadow Plane. The destinations on both planes must overlap—to create a portal to Shadow Absalom, for example, the user would have to create the doorway from the Material Plane in Absalom. The portal created closes 1 minute after it is created.

As long as a creature carries a shadow stylus on her person, she gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells of the shadow subschool and against all special attacks created by kytons, shadows, and other creatures native to the Shadow Plane. In addition, the character can see on the Shadow Plane as if that realm were brightly lit. A shadow stylus has 6 uses when it is created. Once it is used to create a sixth portal, the stylus loses its ability to craft new portals but retains its protective qualities.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, shadow walk; Cost 24,000 gp