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Sanguine Talisman of Sheel Leroung

Source Hell Unleashed pg. 45
Aura moderate conjuration; CL 8th
Slot neck; Price 67,500 gp; Weight


This crimson devil talisman once belonged to the diabolist Sheel Leroung, a conjurer who aided Daidian Ruel in investigating the ways of Hell. The wearer of this talisman gains a +3 profane bonus to Armor Class and a telepathic bond with the bearded devil bound within. Once per day, the wearer can attempt an opposed Charisma check against the barbazu’s +0 modifier to summon him forth for 8 rounds, as per the spell summon monster. The barbazu bound within this talisman is known as Lodveyn the Wizened. Rather than Weapon Focus (glaive), Lodveyn has Throw Anything—preferring to fling his polearm, then following it into the fray with his vicious claws. He claims to have been a servant of both Leroung and the ice devil Voulgarghas, and remembers much of the early days of the Hellknights’ founding.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, planar binding, ability to conjure and bind a barbazu; Cost 33,750 gp