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Periapt of Utter Devotion

Source Villain Codex pg. 213
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 7th
Slot neck; Price 33,000 gp; Weight


This amulet functions as a periapt of devotion but has a Will save DC of 16 and can affect nonhumanoids (as per charm monster). In addition, once per day when talking to the wearer, the giver can implant a triggered suggestionACG in the wearer’s mind, as per the spell. The wearer can attempt a DC 16 Will save to negate the effect. If he surpasses the DC by 5 or more, he also breaks the periapt’s charm effect.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, beguiling giftAPG, charm monster, triggered suggestionACG; Cost 16,500 gp