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Noose of Terminal Embrace

Source Pathfinder #77: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth pg. 63
Aura strong conjuration and transmutation; CL 15th
Slot neck; Price 20,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


When the necromancer Osmyrd Glavis was lynched in southern Taldor, his final utterance of hatred infused the very rope that was cutting into his flesh, resulting in the first noose of terminal embrace. Since then, many others have duplicated the magic item, yet the original remains lost—though some say it still hangs about the neck of its undead master.

When a noose of terminal embrace is placed around the neck, it immediately activates, tightening and dealing 2d4 points of damage at that moment. Removing the noose thereafter requires a full-round action and a successful DC 18 Strength check (with failure resulting in an additional 2d4 points of damage).

While the noose is worn, its frayed end dangles a foot or so from the neck, but once per day if the wearer of the noose is successfully grappled by a Large or smaller creature, the wearer may will the noose’s length to extend and lash out at the attacker. This allows the wearer to immediately attempt a grapple check against the attacker; if successful, he establishes the grapple on the attacker rather than the other way around, and the attacker’s attempt automatically fails (although the attacker may attempt to grapple the wearer in the future).


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, animate rope, black tentacles; Cost 10,000 gp